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Salon POS

Appointment Calendar

  • In the appointment calendar you can keep accurate records of employee's data such as name, address, salary, working hours, etc. It a very easy-to-use calendar where the receptionist can easily takes appointments by just entering the telephone number and name of the client. It also provides a daily chart of beautician or therapist availability. This way the receptionist will be able to know which employee/stylist is occupied and which is free.

Complete Inventory Management System

  • The system offers an integrated inventory management system for all products and items. The system keeps inventory records of either the products and items that is being used by the stylists and also the products that's being sold separately to the clients. The system also keeps records of purchases and available stock of items, whether these items are purchased to be sold directly to customers or to be used by the stylists. For example, if a certain quantity of specific type of hair cream is purchased to be sold to a customer and another quantity of the same cream is given to stylists to carry out services. In this case, the system can manage how much cream is being used by employees and how much is being sold, and make accurate records for both.

Invoicing and Bar Code Printing

  • Regardless the type of service being provided to the client, you can directly make invoices from the system. An invoice can be made for services provides, items sold, or both in the same invoice. The system supports product bar code printing as each product can be assigned a bar code which is printed by the system.

Messaging System

  • It provides a Short message service (SMS) where clients receive a message as a reminder a few hours before their appointment. The SMS system can also send offers to customers, deals, new service announcement and promotions.

Packages and Subscription

  • The system supports selling service packages (a group of services in one offer) as you can create any number of packages each for a given price. Let's say the client want to do hair, nails, manicure and pedicure, you can give them all these services as a package at fixed price. The system can keep track of subscription period, the number customer visits, etc..

Accounting system

  • The system provides a thorough accounting system where you can keep track of various types of expenses such salaries, rent and any other expenses the salon incurs.

  • Bilingual: The system interface supports both English and Arabic languages.