Retail POS

Retail POS system

  • H-tech developed the most advanced retail POS system in Kuwait for Kuwaiti users; it is compatible with many different kinds of retail services like electronics, garments, supermarkets, fashion boutique, mobile shop, toy shops, games shop, spare parts shop, perfume shop or any other business that deals with retail products. The system can also be used by retails who deal in imported products.

Used in Varied Types of Retail Establishments

  • Electronics

  • Garments and Fashion boutiques

  • Supermarkets

  • Mobile shops

  • Toy shops

  • Games shops

  • Spare parts shops

  • Perfume shops

Accounting System

  • The system has a complete accounting system that will help you to calculate and manage your various expenses and income streams.

Touch Screen

  • The system sports touch screens in every location which you can use with few touches to easily make orders, cash & credit invoices, insert customer's details and generate reports.

Inventory Management and Reporting System

  • There is a complete inventory management and reporting system where can keep track of all the details such items in stock, items with the highest turnover rate, items with the lowest turnover rate, highest profit making items, lowest profit making items, etc. You can also know who are your most paying customers, and their product preferences.

Supplier Database

  • You can make records of supplier's details and manage their accounts.

Accurate Costing System

  • Accurate costing system that separate between different cost sources and precisely account for them.

Barcode Printing

  • The system supports product barcode printing as each product can be assigned a barcode which is printed by the system.


  • Regardless the type of service being provided to the client, or whether the sale is in cash or credit, you can directly make invoices from the system.


  • The system interface supports both English and Arabic languages.