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Restaurant POS

Integrated Chain of Restaurants Management System


  • Our Restaurant POS software lets you completely connect, control and automate the processes of your restaurant or chain of restaurants. The system lets you manage the restaurant in all of its different sales venues such as: dining, takeaway, home delivery. You can add new customers, manage existing ones, and generate various types of reports and statistics that ensure effective management of your restaurant.

Dining and Home Delivery

  • For dining, the system provides complete charts occupied and vacant tables so you can fully manage every detail such as table reservations, table or item transfer, table occupancy time & table's bill value.For home delivery, users can keep track of and manage a lot of details such as customer's personal information and order history, customer's average order amount, customer's blacklist, customer's total spent till date, delivery charges and more. The software also provides call center management system where the call center takes orders and transfer it to the nearest restaurant and to their respective kitchens.

Very easy to use for the cashier

  • The software is bilingual. It supports multi-locations and multiple payment methods too. You can connect the software to the cloud and directly make invoices. Thus accountants can centrally see and manage sales of each location.

Item Recipe and inventory Control Management

  • The system has recipe management where you can manage the inventory and raw materials you are purchasing. It also manages suppliers and their account balances.

Multiple Menus Support

  • You can manage multiple menus through the software. For instance, if you own two restaurants one is Chinese and the other is Italian, you can construct a single database and create different menus for both restaurants.


Professional owner dashboard

  • It has a very professional dashboard that instantly gets updated so that the owner or manager can see what’s going on in every restaurant. It supports multiple cashiers, 24 hours work and auto reporting to owners and managers.

Powerful Mobile Application with Robust Reporting System

  • Use your mobile phone to remotely keep track of your restaurant and also generate reports via your mobile. You can also use the app to issue and send daily, weekly, monthly or annually reports.

Offline Capabilities

  • In each location the system works both in online and offline mode. Thus you don't need an internet connection to run the system in your location and perform different functions. However, you will need an internet connection to connect to other locations.

  • Bilingual: The system interface supports both English and Arabic languages.