HR & Payrol

It is very easy, flexible and user-friendly Web based Payroll Management software that takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of employee’s Payroll. This versatile, user friendly, package, offers user defined Earning / Deduction / Loan Heads & Calculation Formulae / Tables. The package generates all the outputs & statutory reports required by a Payroll application.

  • Fully Parameterized Payroll
  • Multiple Leave Types ( annual, sick, medical etc)
  • Multiple Earning and Deduction Types
  • Loans and Advances
  • Leave and Resumption
  • Leave Encashment
  • Time and Attendance
  • End-of-Service
  • social Security
  • Salary Tracking and Performance Reviews
  • Flexible Annual Leave Setup ( based on hire date/financial year)
  • Flexible Payroll Periods ( calendar based/cut-off date based)
  • Promotion, Increment and Transfers
  • Automated Indemnity Computation at End-of-Service
  • Complete Employee History (payroll, leave, training, bonuses etc)
  • Generate Bank Transfer Files
  • Project wise Cost Analysis
  • Auto Import Attendance and Project
  • Auto Allocate Cost by Projects Based on Hours Worked
  • Mass Update Earning and Deductions
  • Integrated with Accounts, Time and Attendance, and Third Party Systems