Make Calls Now in Kuwait with your Landline Number without any Cost

  • An IP telephone system is a powerful tool that simply revolutionizes telephone communications. Our advanced IP Telephone systems can work exactly as a normal landline telephone with zero call charges.

No need to Buy a Phone Line 


  • With our IP telephone system you will not need to buy any lines from the ministry of communication in Kuwait, we can provide you with a telephone system that works with the same landline number. The system enables you to call anyone, anywhere in Kuwait free of cost; you can also see the caller ID on this telephone. The only requirement is to have an internet connection. Amazing, right?

Corporate IP Telephones


  • We provide an integrated IP telephone system for companies where intercom can be utilized regardless of the location (whether inside or outside Kuwait). Users can use different phone extensions to make and receive calls regardless of their location (whether inside or outside the company premises. They can also forward calls to a mobile phone through our mobile application.

Mobile Application 


  • Users can also use the mobile app to make and receive calls on their mobile phones without the need to use their location-based phone extension just by having an internet connection on their mobile phone. This in turn provides location independence and much needed convenience.