GPS tracking



Comprehensive GPS tracking and management system

  • The system enables the user to totally track every car attached to the system with full statistical information and details regarding each car such as distance travelled, average speed, speed limits control, history of fines and more. The system provides insights, history records, and complete reporting systems regarding each and every vehicle. All of this in addition to many other cool features, here are the main features the system provides:




Control Room

  • The system provide a comprehensive control room where you can monitor unlimited number of vehicles on the GPS per site.

  • You can use the system to set specific speed limits for each vehicle, and if the car breaks the specified speed limit the system will give you an alarm.

  • You can set an alarm that will notify you on specific parameters that you set yourself. For example, engine left on, car moving/not moving, oil running out, etc. You can also check the complete history of a specific car on a particular period such as fines history, speed record, locations record, etc.


Geo fencing and Fleet management

  • It is feature that lets you draw a circle in the map, and if the car goes out of that circled area it will give you an alarm. You can also track different size and types of vehicles. The system also allows you to fully manage your fleet of vehicles.


Mobile Application with Complete Statistics

  • You can control the system remotely and fully track vehicles from anywhere in the world via our dedicated Mobile application.. The system also produces a variety of helpful reports (distance travelled per day/month/year, tracking distance, etc.)