We provide, configure, install and maintain CCTV camera systems anywhere in Kuwait

CCTV Camera

Real-time Monitoring

  • Protect your valuable properties with our state of the art CCTV Cameras. We provide a wide range of high-resolution CCTV cameras that can serve multiple purposes. It can be used for homes, business establishments, offices, schools, stores, warehouses, and any other types of indoor or outdoor facilities. Our CCTV camera system gives you real-time monitoring accessibility with the ability to monitor your locations live on Mobile, iPad, and computers.



Analog Vs IP


  • There are two types of digital security cameras each with distinct features: analog cameras and IP cameras. Your decision on which one to choose must be made based on your specific needs. And to make a wise decision you must be rightly informed on the various features, advantage, disadvantages and major differences between them. The major difference between analog and IP is that IP camera systems provide easier remote access as it can give you the ability to monitor multiple locations through a single viewing panel. It also supports long period playback as you can record and playback up to six months in the past.


Protect Different Types of Facilities (Homes, Buildings, Offices, kitchens and Parking lots)


  • Entirely protect your home against breaking, theft or any other risk or danger with full security camera system. It can also be deployed to protect different type of building with an integrated surveillance system. You can also protect vehicles from theft with real-time monitoring for parking lots. You can also protect your offices and kitchens with real-time monitoring and up to six month of playback